Boutique Heirloom Art

As an equine photographer, as well as a family photographer, it's my job to capture the moments that you don't think you'll miss. But you will, and when you do, all you'll have left is photographs. Digital files and USBs get lost and deleted and never see the light of day. Your portraits are stamps in time that are preserved for you. It's my honor to be able to preserve your legacy with heirloom artwork. That is why after I hand-edit each one of your portraits, we will sit down together and pick the portraits you love. I will help you narrow down your favorites and design what artwork is best for you! Whether you want one of my museum quality canvases, a Keepsake Box, Album or fine art prints, I will help you make the choice that fits your needs!

With that in mind, I have one question for you: If you had ONE portrait that told your story, what would it be? 
Let's create it together.

Fine Art Prints start at $150

Heirloom Collections start at $750 
Our favorite and treasured Signature Canvases start at $350

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