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Hello! My name is Ashley Holloway. I am an Equine Photographer located in a small town outside Farmington Maine. Don't let that fool you though! I also travel all over Maine and New England! While photoshoots with horses are my passion, I also adore being a family photographer, capturing those precious moments with children! Now, you add in a pony or a puppy, and I'm in heaven!


      My love for horses began when growing up on my great grandfathers farm. That's where all the cousins would gather and play and go on adventures. I suppose that's also where my love for children began, since I was naturally the mother hen of the group! We spent countless hours outside, running barefoot in the grass, climbing trees, riding horses, and making mud pies. As I got older, I loved photographing the horses and anything around the farm that I could! My grandfathers farm was everything that childhood should be, and everything that I want your portraits to capture as well! 

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My husband has been my biggest support through this journey. Even through all of life's trials and tribulations, he never waivered in his support, inspiration and belief that this is what I'm meant to do. He truly is my best friend, even on the days he's shaking his head because of my chaos or I want to smother him with his pillow! We have four beautiful children, who are each a piece of my heart and my biggest inspiration for what I do. We are so lucky to be able to raise them on our little patch of paradise, with our horses, goats, chickens and our dogs!       

As a mother and equestrian, I know that these moments are fleeting. I haven't found the pixie dust to keep them from growing up, or growing old. We are only given 18 glorious summers with our children, and if we're lucky, as many with our horses. I want to capture every dandelion wish, belly laugh, butterfly kiss, and flower for momma with your children. And I want to capture every sweet muzzle kiss, neck hug, and quiet nicker between you and your horse. 

After all, no matter how old we are, most of life's problems can be mended by grabbing a halter. 

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